Høyt & Lavt Vestfold


MKArkitektur & Design were asked to assist with an interior solution to an existing café and barn at a popular activity park in Vestfold.


The client wanted to create a room which could be used for meetings, events, special occasions.

Firstly, the entire room must be isolated and plated with gypsum boards. New wooden flooring was recommended, or treating the existing old floor. Light colored walls, and rather play with colors on the textiles and fabrics. This creates more flexibility. The main colors recommended for this project were tones of green, wood, metal, white.

At the one end of the barn, you can see an indoor climbing wall. This wall starts in the first floor and ends in the second. Instead of hiding this wall, it was rather recommended, we add glass and lighting effects so as to create a more interesting backdrop. In front of this glass wall a projector and canvas could be placed so as to have presentations in larger gatherings.

Several smaller tables were put together so as to create a larger meeting table. Again, for flexibility. Dark wooden chairs were chosen so as to keep the style. A small ‘kitchen’ area was added so as to be able to supply the gatherings with some food, water. A very simple area, mainly to provide a bouffe space.

As this room has to be flexible, modular sofa elements were chosen. These attach by a magnetic system, so it is easy to change their use and move them around. As the ceiling is quite high, we decided to custom make some hanging elements which combine lamps, plants and decoration. These could be hung in groups, or even used as room separators.


The café today is a little dark and ‘tame’ and is a big contrast to the vibrant, active outdoor life.

The idea we had was to bring nature and energy in to the café, without having to do many radical changes to wall placements. This could either be done by using photo wall paper or a green wall system.

Photo wall paper with pictures taken from the park are recommended places on the inner walls, while the façade walls keep their style and original, natural color. In order to bring more light in to the room, all the window and ceiling profiles are to be painted white. Some walls are recommended painted in black and green. This way, the café counter will stand more out, and the products will be more visible. All furniture was recommended changed. New chairs and tables. All the chairs are chosen in a hard polypropylene shell in order to manage the tough use of the people coming in and sitting down with their climbing belts on. All the chairs would have a bright color, like yellow, orange and green. All tables with a normal wooden or white top plate and black steel legs.

All lights are to be replaced with custom ones. Here we use a metal pipe, and add some hanging light bulbs with colored wires. These pipes will then hang, suspended from the ceiling using ropes and pulleys from the climbing equipment used at the park.

The client was very satisfied with the proposal, and decided to continue the building process on their own.