ABAX Denmark


MKArkitektur & Design was asked by ABAX, to prepare a proposal for their new office in Parken, Copenhagen. The client had already found the office space, an area of about 220sqm. A requirement spec with the number of employees and rooms were given and we then developed a floor plan. After the sketch was approved and the lease contract signed, the working drawings were prepared. We also were involved during the construction process. A close dialogue and cooperation with Enstall in Denmark who was the construction manager.
The client wanted the new office would be a cool place to work, creating energy and enthusiasm. Existing carpet tile was to be kept, re-use of as much of the existing furniture as possible, the profile of the company had to be in place, the rest we were allowed to ‘play’ with.
After examining the company’s profile and products, we decided to use the colors ABAX uses on their products. This gave us a little more flexibility when it came to color use. Since the office is a sales office, orange, blue and black were used. It was important to create a modern. cool and energetic office that could suit all genders and ages. Job satisfaction is very important for ABAX, which they have as core values ​​in the company: Enthusiastic.
The office is located in 1etg of Telia park in Copenhagen. Overlooking Fælledparken and high to the ceiling, the office is a light and airy workplace. Alot of black was used, with strong color contrasts in the pictures and the furnitures. Lamps were hung to create mood. The colors and design make sure the office can keep this style for years to come. It is practical and functional. The contrasts, foil, signs, solid doors in glass walls allow the office to be adapted Universal Design.
The project began in November and had to be completed within 15 December. A close cooperation and communication from Norway were made with Enstall and the Park in Denmark. The new furniture was ordered via Norway from ‘Rom for Flere’ and BoConcept in Denmark.